is there any GUI program maker for Python? Like Visual Basic

i ve download python imterpreter, and found it work like command line, i wonder is there any one ever make a Visual Basic-like tools for Python??

i ve serch the for something like that , but i found nothing(maybe there is but i missed), why dont people ever think to make one, since its very useful, just like visual basic

Hmmm… not really like Visual Basic but here’s a couple…: PythonEditors

Of course if you use the search facility here you will find some blender oriented editors as well

ok i ll try some of them.
by the way does editor means IDE??

ps:i m still not quite familiar whth those “terminology”

oh,ive one thing forgot to ask, can somebody tell me some pythom community which like elysiun where i can ask for help

IDE = Integrated Development Environment

It has basic tools for coding integrated. These tools include for example a code editor and a debugger.

SPE ( is a nice IDE for Python and it has some features that make it a good alternative to be used with Blender.

Are you looking for a GUI App maker for Python in general, or something to help make GUIs for Python scripts within Blender?

hm… i m looking for a good GUI maker for general use
i need to learn a computer language, therefor i can write my program for my own use

thank you

I have had a look at most of the current open source editors and IDE’s for python. There is nothing close to Visual Basic or other IDE’s for languages like java. So far I have found jedit from with the jpydbg the best choice. SPE is also good but jedit is faster and I have not had any trouble with the debugger.

A python editor with VB like features such as code completes and call tips would be very difficult to program due to the nature of python it’s self. Since it loosely typed a variable could be anything depending on the execution path, the editor could not know the actual object type until runtime, it can only guess.

I was checking out some info for another post and came across some interesting things at . Like Stani’s Python Editor

You realy dont need an IDE for python.
popular editors are…
or my fav, SciTE!

you look in the console for errors and they are highleghted in blenders internal editor.

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I’m coding PHP in eclipse ( with xored foundation plugin (, it’s very good, class, method and var-overview, code-completion (also for oop), interpreter checks code when storing, good cvs-support etc., and the plugin also supports Python - should have the same features like for PHP.

The plugin is easy to install (just unpack and copy a zip in an special dir), follow instructions on

Use google to search for ‘python gui toolkits’.

There are a bunch of widget sets that have python bindings. Tk is the classic one that comes with python, iirc.

wxGlade is a gui maker for python you need wxPython to use it though

use google

thanks guys

Does anyone know how to add the Blender Module to an external GUI program so that code-completion also works for the Blender Module (I’m using Eclipse with PyDev) ?

Boa Constructor has VisualBasic-like tools.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Visual Basic is OOP and python is not.
Visual Basic is visual objects based and python is code based.

If you want a visual objects based “language” to build apps on all operating systems I’d go for RealBasic.

python is oop.

here is a quote right from the

about the visual side of it… you are right. for that you need to use something like QT for example, which comes with visual designer (forms, widgets). you still have to do the coding separately though… to connect these widgets… and make them dance.


Yes, there is version of Qt that is integrated with Python. It’s called PyQt (surprise surprise). There is an open source version that is free. I’ve used it to do GUI work with Python, and it is a joy to use.