Is there any inbuild color Swatches?

Is there any addon or any way to have a color swatches. In coreldraw, Illustrator or any vector software we have color swatches


Readymade color shade No need of mixing. We can have a fix value for a specified color (red, green, blue, etc). We can directly apply fix value color on mesh. How can i have a swatch color or any addon available to use it. Any suggestion or help. Thanks

Its not clear if you are talking about texture painting in blender or the grease pencil. We already have color swatches in texture paint mode:

I don’t think anything like that has been added to the grease pencil yet. You can however using multiple materials that each have different colors and switch between them:

its about the mesh in 3d View. Working with 100% accuracy with the default RGB or any color.

not yet as I know of
hope we can get something like that in 2.8 may be

happy cl

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They share the same swatches:

example.blend (449.7 KB)

This is what I do.
Make a color swatch JPG in Illustrator or CorelDraw.
Open a little window and change it to the UV/Image editor.
Open your swatch JPG and use it and the color picker to change colors.

Is there any reason why the built in system doesn’t work for this? Is this method just preferred because you can use the same swatch image in multiple apps or something?

The eye dropper does not work 100% accuracy as compare to the fix data we provide.

maybe this could be helpfull,i used it for a lightcalibration studio light calibration

its from this site

Always i have to open that chart or append the chart and with the value copy paste or eye dropper. So if a addon or palette make it quicker

you can make, a image of your choice, a single user(F) in the image editor, and save into your startup file.then you have it allways with new blender start.then make a split window with the image editor in it open,now if you work with nodes ect,place a RGB node ,click on the RGB node,pipette then your color on the image(edit,similar like Safetymans method).i think a addon would be only faster if the palette would open under the mouse.
but i get your point.

edit,here a two addon,but not free,donation

You don’t need to save an image to your startup file like that. Guys is there something wrong with how blender’s palette system works? Look at this file:swatches.blend (381.9 KB)

I was able to add every color from that chart to that blender scene using blender’s builtin palette system. These palettes can be appended into scenes just like mesh data or brushes, and you don’t need to have the image editor open in order to use them. The swatches are listed right below the color wheel. You just click the color you want from the list.

The issue is that when you click a color in the viewport, the eyedropper picks the gamma corrected color. I don’t think the same thing happens in the image editor.
EDIT: I just remembered something from an old tutorial. The difference in color isn’t because of gamma correction. The eyedropper samples the color with viewport shading added to it. You should get the actual color if you set the viewport shading to shadeless:

The image editor and eyedropper don’t matter here though. What you described can be done with blender’s palette system. It stores the exact color you set in the color picker. You can even paste hex values from other apps into the color picker and store it in the palette.

Just make sure there is at least one user for the data, or blender won’t save it with your project (same as with images and brushes).

What’s not accurate about this? If it doesn’t work, then why is it in there? If I can’t select a color and have it portrayed accurately then there’s no reason to have an eye dropper.

yes ,in texture paint mode,ok.but whats about node editor ect.if you want to give your materials colors, with the pipette?i havent seen a palette there.
Btw the Colorpicker needs a update,eg at least a mode switch, if you want pick up linear or gamma corrected color.and a RGB mode like this(255,128,64)ect.and maybe a option to open palettes everywere you want,with and within the colorpicker.

@pixelgrip Yes thats what i mean. If there is a default color palette it would be easy in every mode (texture or 3d view or node editor).

Well, it doesn’t work in the node editor, but the palette I was talking about works for both the 3dview and image editor. Check the gif in the first post I shared. You can’t see the buttons for adding colors to your palette until after you press the “new” button that is right below the option for use gradient.

Yea, having the palette inside the color picker would be handy, and the color picker could use mode options.

If you setup a file to have that window w/that image open, and save it as the default startup.blend, it’ll be there every time you start a new session. (The fact that it IS in the Texture Paint window just makes it more baffling: they’ve already written the code for it.)

But yeah: a swatch window is a pretty obvious thing to want. IMO it should be a section of the EVERY color picker, specifically the Material Properties swatches, not just in the Texture Paint palette.

Indeed. But it shouldn’t be just colors, but also named albedo lookup colors for a bunch of various common metals and dielectrics.

Baby steps, mate, baby steps.


Basically, presets and a browser --surely that’s already BEEN done??? I realize there’s probably an addon, but c’monnnn, EVERY image-related application should have PALETTES, it’s a basic function. --And remember, they already have the code for it in the Texture Paint window.

There’s so many addons I can’t remember the ones I’ve already enabled. :cry:

Meanwhile, a simple swatch panel (and the ability to auto-copy it to the Viewport Display color) would be very welcome. (I’ve started looking into daemon-like capabilities to address such shortcomings.)