Is there any more free raytracers?

Right now I use blender internal and Yafray to render my images but I wonder if there is any more free raytracers that works with blender?

I would like to see what different kinds of results I could get with different raytracers. %|

There are some.

Toxic is an open source global illumination raytracer ( and there is a python script allowing to export your scene to the toxic format (

There are a lot more raytracers, but I don’t know if they are supported by blender in any way.


This one is a nice little renderer too. They mention something about a Blender exporter too.

SunFlow looks very nice. Couldn’t find the exporter. I’d love to test it and pair against Yafray for quality and speed. Although it’s written in Java so speed is probably not a feature here.

Pixie - Aqsis - 3Delight(not opensource) just to mention some :slight_smile:

the best raytracer of all time is povray, imho. there’s a povray export script, but it takes a bit of getting used to. has better dof, and handles big files better. the thing i loved about povray is its support for true volumetric media rendering (fog, smoke, etc). ofcourse you wont be able to access that from within blender i dont think

A blender exporter does exist (i’m writing it), check out the new images in the gallery.

The exporter has been written for the new version which should be out pretty soon, the exporter will be bundled with it at first. As for speed it’s quite fast and a lot easier to use than yafray is at the mo. Keep an eye the website for the release.

Then there’s WinOSI which appears to have a Blender exporter script, but its for v2.36. Could be used as a base for a new one.

Mind you, WinOSI is quite slow. That’s due to the algorithm that is supposed to be quite physically accurate.

Is there a stable build of sunflow instead of just the source code?

Not sure how it will be released, version 0.0.2 included a jar file as well as the source code. I presume it will be the same for the next version.

I vote for 3delight too.

The thing is not just about getting a free raytracer but it needs to be a good one. The sunflow thing had some nice images but there were ones with OSA turned on and still bad artifacts.

Also, the part about it being written in Java will make it slow as masterhoshi said. It should be cross-platform though, which is a bonus.

The good thing about using something like Renderman is that it’s been tested in production over a number of years. That’s not to say every renderer will have been but you have a certain level of assurance if you judge compliance with the standard.

3delight is one seriously fast, production-tested renderer.

The trouble again comes down to getting a decent exporter. That hindered use of Renderman with Maya until Pixar came up with the RAT tools.

Here is one to look out for in future:


Very impressive specs indeed! But I see on their to do list lot of features left to be coded that are trivial for other renderers. I mean, DOF, bump mapping!

Good thing that it is opensource. Maybe the Yafray coders can use some of the kick ass features from Igneus.

so what’re ur favorites compared to blenderinternal/yafray…

are there any really worth putting the time in and installing and testing for the blender newbie?

Can anyone point me in the direction of some documentation on using 3Delight with Blender? Thx.

The script to export to different Renderman renderers is here:

I’ve only managed to get it to export poly geometry and apply some shaders manually but I think it has a lot of potential. Someone modified it for use with Pixie and that script is here:

I’ve modified the script myself to make the interface more manageable and for it to put stuff where I want on my drive but I still need to do a lot of work to get it to work how I want. I really want the script to read more of Blender’s GUI settings instead of having to set them via the script. Thinks like shader links and subsurf geometry.

Sunflow just made 0.5 - It looks rather nice.

Supposedly there is an export script but I’m unsure where to find it.

Love the new images in the gallery. Would like to try it out, but alas, cannot find an export script either :frowning:

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i would like the 3delight info too

which 3 do you think are best for blender 2.4

Love the new images in the gallery. Would like to try it out, but alas, cannot find an export script either :slight_smile:

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mrmunkily/Bellorum, don’t worry the script does exist. sent the final script to the author a couple of hours ago after making updates because of changes to the scene file. hopefully it will be available via his webpage in pretty soon :smiley: