Is there any photoshop editor which is free and also support animation

Hello guys , i am new to this forum
i am new to animation and wanted to learn but i cannot afford real photoshop or any other tool. my friend suggested me Photoshop Online freewhich has some animation template which when selected create GIF file to give some animated effect to photoshop, But i think he did not got what i mean, i want to be pro. does any one suggest me free alternative to photoshop or any other tool from which i can make a animated picture in the begining.

Thanks in advance

Make that two…
Could you elaborate a bit on what kind of animation you intend to do with an image editor? What are we talking here? Animated GIFs? If you strive to achieve professional results - could you link us to a professional example of the kind of animation you want to make?


@burnin, is that in the regular download of Krita?

The Gimp is a good alternative to Photoshop. Krita and MyPaint are also good tools to use for painting textures or doing other painterly type work. They are all open source and free.

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I have been using “The Gimp” for almost 14 years now

i can recommend it .

Great, mean gimp is my best bet.
Well i wanted to know any place where i can get some tuts on animation regarding different tools

I used GIMP years ago, then switched to Photoshop. Now I’m a card carrying Adobe user wanting to move back to Linux. Since I am paying for an Adobe subscription, it includes full access to CS6. I went online and found a portable version of Photoshop and it will actually run under WINE in Linux. Nothing against GIMP, I just find the tools in Photoshop to be a bit more user friendly and refined. If you don’t need or want all the adobe products for $50 a month, they have a package that’s only $10 and includes PS and Lightroom.

Have you considered instead the use of software such as ToonBoom Harmony, Spriter, and Spine?

If animation is your goal, then you have to look at kind of where the field has gone. Animated shows like South Park are done in Maya, Archer was done using After Effects, I believe Family Guy uses some or all of ToonBoom products…ect Spriter and Spine target game animation but it can also include general animation as well.

For a more traditional approach you can look at Pencil. For Pixel Art Animations, use Pyxel Edit (only $9).

The skills transfer over usually so just start working… even if its not the top of the line software at the time.

Also keep your eye on Krita for illustration and 2d asset creation.

Links to software mentioned above:

Pyxel Edit:

It’s beta

According to the beta notes the animation features have been disabled until its been improved upon.

Thanks dear, well explained and detailed answer. Can you post any website where i can find tutorial also.

Each website should have links to the documentation, help forums, and or search youtube.

Thanks guy. Hopefully the stable version will be out soon.