Is there any way to create volumetric blur?

In real life, fog blurs the edges of objects. The more intense the fog, the softer the objects become. In Blender, I have never been able to achieve this effect. No matter how intense the volumetrics are, objects simply become faded, but never blurred. Is there a way to achieve this effect?

Here is a real life vs a Cycles example:

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That doesn’t look like a fair comparison. Could you rotate your light so that it is facing the camera?

Also, the closest tree to the camera in your example real-world image looks to be something like 100 meters away. Your closest cube seems to be 5 or 10 meters away. I think that scale is important - especially if we are trying to recreate real-world phenomena.

There could be something about non-homogeneous participating media (as there will be some small or not-so-small fluctuations in the density of the real-world fog), but I’m no sure how much that contributes.

I’m going to fire up Blender and see what I can do. If I figure something out, I’ll let you know.

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I think @Hunkadoodle made some great points already. I played around making sure to have large distances between the object (a little over 20 meter) and used an HDRI with the sun facing the camera.
Cranking up the anisotropy of the Principled Volume or Volume Scatter seems like it could be going in the right direction.
(Sorry for potato quality. My laptop really isn’t equipped for rendering)

256 Samples, noisy

Same rendering, but denoised.

Depending on your goal, it might be worth investigating, if the effect you’re looking for can be achieved by clever compositing. The image below was done using the Defocus node in the compositor with the Mist Pass as input. Doesn’t look as nice but was about 20 times faster. If you adjust the lighting to make the floor be more dimmed like the previous examples that might give you nice results, as well.

Node Setups

Volume Shader


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How do you add that expanding arrow thing to a post?

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You mean for the hidden screenshots?
Like this:

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It’s the ‘Hide Details’ function accessible through the gear button on the top right.

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Oh, cool. Never knew that. Sometimes I think I add too many annoying images.


Least spoilery spoiler ever made.

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thank you for sharing that with us , this will be very helpful
and i thought i add to that; maybe he can also add the depth of field option in the camera settings, if you are aiming for realism, you better make sure your camera settings are real too ^^


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