Is there any way to efficiently shad duplifaces or dupliverts?

Nevermind there are easier ways to do this. Let’s forget about that for awhile.

Say I want to make a tile wall or bricks and I want to use duplifaces for geometry instead of using displace or normal maps. How do I texture it? Can I texture via any of the regular ways you would texture something?

I don’t really understand the object info node. That might be of help but, I dunno,

For that type of job I will go with using the UV Map node with ‘From Dupli’ activated; it will take the object from which the duplis will sprout’s UV coordinates, provided that it was unwrapped. For this, though, you will need a texture that closely matches your geometry, or maybe edit the cement from between the bricks in an external image editor.

Hi! Thanks for the node! I have not tried it yet… I will though. So it doesn’t just texture one dupliobject but creates a uv map for entire set? What projection style is it using? What if I were to make wheel tread out of dupliverts or faces in a wheel shape?

I probably didn’t make myself clear. I don’t want a “per object” texture. I want the entire thing to be textured like a regular texture map. So like if you mapped a projected geometry from a orthographic view.