Is there any way to find or recover old BA threads that were lost in the BA migration

I am not the thread owner of this particular thread, but I am interested in recovering it for educational reasons.
This thread existed before the Blender Artists move, but is now no longer existent it appears.
Is there a way to modify the URL to get it working with current protocols perhaps?

you got lucky.

wayback machine captured a few snapshots.

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Unfortunately it turned out to be a existent thread with changed protocols as I assumed …

However, thank you for the info and time, really appreciate it, I will certainly use this method in the future if I run into any incompatible threads. :slightly_smiling_face: Cheers.

Yeah, now that you mention, by googling the thread’s name I found the original one in the first result.

The thing is the original old thread didn’t have a ‘name’ in it’s url, that’s why I was looking for a solution, and now I found it thanks to you.