Is there any way to manipulate mirrored part like original part while modifier enabled?

guys! I need help,
when I use a mirror modifier, I can set editable and see the all vertex by turn on cage right?
So when I control mirrored part, the movement is opposite, of course, it is mirrored part so I understand why it moves like that.
But Is there any option to control mirrored parts like original parts? like auto flip X coordination
If it possible my workflow speed will improve a lot

Im not entirely sure what you’re asking for. It sounds like you already know about turning on the cage on the mirror modifier, but then you’re asking if it can do what it does?

I see what the op means: if you pull on the ‘real’ geometry in one direction, it goes as expected, but if you pull on the mirrored counterpart, it still acts like you’re pulling the ‘real’ geometry, so it appears backwards.

It is not at all intuitive.

So, that would be an excellent feature request.

FWIW, I’d appreciate even more indication that one side is mirror’d and the other ‘real’, perhaps a different color or something. Or dashed lines.