Is there any way to motion blur Freestyle?

Hey all,

I know Freestyle is line art kind of pasted on top of the render, but I’m working on a specific effect and was wondering if there is any way to motion blur a Freestyle Render Layer?

I tried the Vector Blur node in the Compositor on the layer, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.
Any suggestions?

Thanks, T

it should work, try to adjust your settings with this:

The compositor executes after freestyle,I think, so it should be render > freestyle > compositor

Sure I can get vector blur to work (remember to turn on the vector pass), but it blurs the outline as well.

Ok, thanks for the help guys.

Here’s what I finally figured out. Motion Blur in Render settings does not blur any Freestyle layer.
So I thought I would use Vector Blur on the Freestyle layer.

BUT you can’t have both Vector Blur and Motion Blur, so in Render settings Motion Blur has to be turned off.

IMHO I think that’s strange, considering there’s no option to add Motion Blur for the Freestyle Layer as a general setting. :confused:

Guess I’ll Vector Blur the entire thing…