Is there anything like a free library of 3d models online?

I need some fairly simple models, like a featureless mannequin. I am a beginner having a hard time modeling this. Is there a website that has free simple models I can use in blender?

but seriously you should learn the basics of modelling.

Thanks for the links. I am trying to learn modeling, I am getting better at it but I am not sure I will ever be good enough for what I want to accomplish so I’d like to have something to fall back on.

Hi shadyJ

Jonathon Williamsons modelling workshop (whenever the next one comes around) helped A LOT and was well worth the investment for me. I’m still never going to be as good a modeller as some of the guys on here but understanding the theory behind what you’re trying to achieve is a great help so you can get help elsewhere. Good luck