Is there multithreading/multicore support for blender vse?

I am new to using blender vse. I am loving it so far. My only problem seems to be that the video editing portion of blender only wants to use only about 25% of cpu and no more. Am I missing something somewhere or does it just not have multithreading support.
I have tried changing the option under the performance tab in the properties menu to fixed 4 threads as well as auto detect. But neither seems to fix it.

This is mostly just basic video editing using multiple video clips and audio clips together nothing really crazy.

If my specs are helpful in someway here they are.
Q6600 Quad core overclocked to 3.2ghz
4gb ram
1x crucial m4 ssd
and 1x 1tb samsung f3 hdd
Blender 2.63.0
Windows 7 64-bit

I know its a pretty old system but I was really hoping to get it to use all my cores on my cpu as thats the only problem im not liking is that the renders are so slow.

No. The blender VSE does not implement multithreading! At least not when rendering your videos using the sequencer.

And, unfortunately, I tried the link above, and I tried installing the scripts and all I get is errors.

I would love to see Blender use multiple cores when rendering the sequencer. Makes for a sloooooow render!