Is there no one click solution to mirror the vertex weights of a bunch of selected vertices?

Is there no easy one click solution to mirror the vertex weights of a bunch of rudimentary selected vertices ?

Having to go to the vertex group, copy, delete the other sides vertex assignment (looking searching for it in the vertex groups) and then mirroring it is PAINFUL, IT HURTS !!!

In 3DS Max it is just a one click order, select the vertices and click one button to mirror those weights, the end.

There is a way i cannot remember it right now. It has been years since i used this type of weight painting.
Let me try to make noises may be someone else remember it better than me.

I hope so, because the fact that the only way to mirror automatically is via painting is just…oh please no…please please please no no no.

Ok, I spend two days looking around and I found the solution, it is built in but seriously I would have NO IDEA where to find it without looking around the net, this is the solution:

Here’s how to mirror the vertices:
Go to Edit mode and select the vertex of the WRONG SIDE [DO NOT select the correct side.]
Check all four checkboxs, [which isn’t by default] DONE !


Its can be better reached in the context menu of the vertex groups itself. ( That little downarrow in the vertical button list.) Its behaviour is described in the tooltip.

Hello @Debuk, the method that you have illustrated does not work for fingers, or at least it would be VERY PAINFUL to have to think in terms of vertex groups when it comes to having to do it all for all the fingers, their respective vertex groups and bones.

Having to track down the groups and mirror them…no thank you ;p

I rather just select a bunch of vertices and click mirror, using the method I have elaborated, it will be done automatically…once you checked ALL the checkboxes, it will be automatically done for you :smiley:


For some reason “All Groups” and “Topology Mirror” is not checked by default, rendering this method useless (so remember to check them), another one of those “useless default settings” of Blender…

Almost as useless as “Normalize All” with “Lock Active” checked by default…

Yes sure, not fitting in all cases. Btw. theres a also a plugin for mirroring vertex groups. Haven’t tested it though.

@Debuk, I am grateful for your continuing conversation :smiley: Thank you :smiley:
The script is no longer needed since there is a way to do it in Blender natively now, but out of curiosity I tried to run the script, nothing happens, I go to the vertex menu and didn’t see any additional options popping out so it was like nothing happened after the script was run.

Do you manage to get any extra things to click on in the vertex or mesh menu ? Thanks, but again even if you didn’t have time to reply, it’s ok since this is no longer neeeded :smiley:

As I said I havent tested it myself yet. From the code it looks like its registered in the context menu of the vertex groups. Have a try. I can’t say if its more comfortable to use or completely redundant now.