Is there somewhere I can find a list of render farms that support Blender?

Hi all, hope everyone is enjoying Blender 3.0.

I have been working on learning animation in Blender and decided to do a short documentary about Black holes. Yeah, nothing like starting with something hard to render… Anyway, most of the clips I need are rendered, but one is going to take so long to render that I am considering spending a little money on a render farm. What I’d like to see is a list of render farms that support Blender, with reviews from people who have used them. Is there such a list anywhere? If not is this the best place to try and start such a list?

If nobody knows of such a list but has used render farms for Blender projects please share your experience.


  1. Have you optimized your scene? Here are some tips to render faster:
    1.1 here is an old video:
    1.2 and a recent one:

  2. Are you sure to render as a sequence of images (and not directly as a video file)?
    This way, if something goes wrong, you will be able to resume rendering from the last rendered image.
    (btw, TIF is probably a better choice than PNG for your frames (alternatively, there is EXR)).

  3. Have you ever heard of Google Collab (free)?
    With it, you can render some frames remotely while still using your local computer (to render other frames?)
    How to render using Google Colab? - #2 by xan2622

  4. Have you ever heard of Sheep-it Renderfarm (free)?

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Check this review out

It’s about GarageFarm and they do support Blender 3.0 btw. They have plenty of positive reviews, just type the name in Google.

See this thread: Blender Render Farm Comparisons

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Thanks for the links, all of you. I’m still researching and all of this is helpful. I’m glad there’s a lot of data gathered in these forums, I’m slightly embarrassed that I posted the question before doing a search, that’s a noob’s mistake and I’ve been at this for many years.

Well we all do something daft now and again, I guess it was my turn this week…

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