Is there...

A program that I could use to tunnel my internet access from one WinXP computer to another? It would have to be able to go from inside one network to inside another, where the IP on the second one is dynamic. I know this sounds hard, but if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

Is there… a reason not to give meaningfull title to you threads?

Tunneling as gateway is possible to do. Windows XP provide the tool to do so. Right Click on your internet connection in Network connection and bridge.
note: this computer will become a dhcp server in range 169.x.x.x

this is about as hard as this kind of thing can be.

I assume you are trying to get around a school or work firewall?

I wish you good luck!

That would be a worm.

doh, after a second reread It seem your behind a firewall…
Google for http tunneling. That’s you best guess.

It’s not illegal in itself, it’s what you do with it that can bring you down.

Alright, situation is somewhat simplified, I can set it so that it would just be tunneling from one comp to another, how can I do this?

Oh a firewall, go into networking and had a port, then set your software to use that port number. Look here for information

tunnel is probably not the correct word

internet connection sharing will let one computer on a switch act as an internet gateway… but I think it wants manual ip configuration [or it did last time I tried ages and ages ago]

oh, and if you want a program: analogX proxy will let you do that as well.

the better solution is a router. $30, plug in to modem, plug in computers… set everything to automatic and change the default password and things work.