Is this Anime head all right?

I made this head using the Poly to Poly method (it was supposed to be an anime style head), the hair I made using planes and loop subdivide, I´m insatisfied with the results could someone point what is wrong? Positive comments would be good too :smiley:


Looks O.K. so far,but if I was doing Poly to Poly modeling for a anime character,I’d use some kind of reference drawing as a guide inside of blender’s " View/Background image tab".

Could you post up some more views like a 3/4 or a profile to go with front view.

In my computer blender become slow with a background picture in JPEG,thats why I don´t like to use this much this method :frowning:

Here are the pictures:


uh very good :smiley:

Modeling by eye is easy as drawing by eye.

Didn’t use View/bacground image on Hellboy.
I held up a book and went around looking at Hellboy jpegs on the net while I was pushing the polygons till it looked right,but what really takes it to the next level is “good typology”.If you like 3d anime,look at some of the artist that do it right,and check out the wires an typology.

There is not a one way to model anime but here is a tut I really like(It’s in japanese and not even blender,but you can still figure out whats going on.)

Btw,there is a body part of the tut that is “naked” at the bottom of the page, just to warn you.

Hope this helps.

ShadowKawaii: I think it is on its way to looking very good. I want to see it colored and shaded. I am happy to see another person using blender for anime projects, our numbers are growing! :smiley: It seems strange that I almost can’t see the characters eyes in the profile view, and also the ridge above her eyes seems really low, unless it was made that way to express emotion.

If you want to see an anime head test I did recently in blender, it is still on youtube. It is a very diferent style then yours, but i figured you might think it is interesting anyways.

Ronin: I will check out that tutorial, I have really been wishing for a anime tutorial in blender. I guess that means i have to learn enough to make one on my own.

Are you talking about about the sad face? It was intentional, If you like I can send the original one, unmodified

and thanks to everyone, my next step is UV unwrapping the model, I must search some good tutorials because my unwrapping is really bad, after that, cell shading will be easy


Yeah I’ve been meaning to do a tut myself,but haven’t the time latly,if I do,it will be similar to the one in the link but with blender.

Yes, do that, Torq tutorial is an universal one, many people would like a more especific style(in case Anime)
and postmodern boy,I knew I had seen that face before, I saw it when I entered blender forum searching for examples about Anime, your style remember me a little of pokemon :smiley:

This comment doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The same basic loops in Torq’s tutorial would effectively create a face in any style.

I think the eyebrows are perfect for a sad or angry character, and I would also be interested in seeing what she looks like with a neutral and expressionless face.

I am sorry for asking you a question about my work in your topic, but I want to know why my character reminds you of pokemon. I do not see the similarity because Pokemon characters have eyes that are larger vertically then horizontally, a small up turned nose that starts at the bottom of the eyes or lower, and a stylized angular jaw line. For easy comparison pokemon is on the left and my design is on the right.
I think your response might help me because I am trying to get a more realistic anime style and so far your the only person who has compared it to something like pokemon, and now I want to know how I can fix it and make it better.

I am having trouble deleting this douple post completly.

Thats the problem to do things in a rush :o , you type ambigous phrases,

Fweeb, I tried to say that torq tutorial works on a regular human face, but in Anime style, the face is different in some aspects, you need a more specific tutorial like the one which RONIN provided to make for example, a Anime nose (but still using poly to poly method)

and postmodern boy,no problem about the work screenshot, I must say I´m sorry for not specifying things more, it was your charater hair which remembered me of pokemon, nothing wrong with it, in fact I like it,but I will bring some pokemon charaters images later, so you can see what I´m talking about

Oh, ok I understand now :smiley:

seems like the eyes should be a bit bigger

There are Animes which don´t have big eyes, like Gantz, Hellsing and such, my style goes this way(or would like to go)

Hmm i think thats because you need AGP drv. It happens to me when i forgot to install the AGPdrv.

AGP drv? I´m sorry but I don´t know about it,could you explain better?

Sometimes the graphic card’s driver software causes Blender to slow down. There’s quite a discussion in the Basics and Interface Sticky on Common Problems. Another thing that might help is getting IrfanView, free software that can resample Jpegs to make the file size smaller (looses some detail, but still good enough for background purposes.)

Seems like in the original head images she was looking down a bit, which might be why the image didn’t quite satisfy. Try rotating the head so the chin is a bit higher and the forehead is behind the cheeks in the y direction.

You’re doing good work. Anime heads are different enough from real heads to make modeling them a real challenge. I’m not surprised you are looking for a specific tutorial, but I suspect you may wind up being the person who writes it…

Thanks for the nice words Orinoco, I will search this program later and make some adjustments in the head, I think I will post the full body model since it will be better to watch the model flow