Is this fake?

This post at This Is Broken has sparked heavy dispute, many people suggesting that it is a Photoshop fake. I will admit, it seems awfully unlikely, and the picture on the sign does look somewhat fishy if you look carefully. What do you guys think? Fake or photo?

It definitely doesn’t look real to me. The red is just plain badly done. If this is a fake … or real … it’s terrible.

I’d have to agree

but it is odd the sign is so bright, when nothing else is nearly as much so

I bet the sign was replaced [there was another sign there before] at the very least

it is fake

Someone did an awful job PSing, the trees and the house, as well as a the sign were added later IMAO. The image above is marked up to show you why I think this. The bottoms of our trees at the ground look fake possibly too, cloned in perhaps.

I disagree Dittohead. Although it could well be fake, it looks to me like that is private property, so probably the owners of the property have made the signs and put them up themselves. As for use of the clone tool, the sign post itself is a strange shape as it is, ie not a smooth surface.

Anyway this looks like something we will never find the true answer to, mainly because its unimportant and not a lot of people are going to care a toss about it.

I agree with Robdollar. Dittohead, you can’t even tell any of that stuff you said. Aliasing on the roof?? I think that’s the shape of the roof. Also I don’t see why you pointed out the other sign or the roof shadow. I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t be real - I’ve seen much wierder than that. Maybe it’s a cycle lane. Either way:

Seriously Plantperson, I thought you were against spam.

Well, this doesn’t look real at all …

Even if the pole was real (wich I don’t think so either)… the information on the sign is fake …


I take my comments back ITS A FAKE!!! Got one of my relatives who just happens to live in Malta to take a picture from the same angle:

Well… that’s the finest piece of ps work I’ve ever seen robdollar … guess nonone would give you even half a dollar for that :wink:


This is spam, osxrules? Spam is a bunch of people babbling about nothing in particular. What we have here is a thread where people who do computer graphics to decide if a somewhat peculiar picture is fake.

If this qualifies as spam, the definition of spam is getting too wide.

It looks like the word “NO” and the red circle/slash were painted on afterward. The real question is whether the actual sign was painted or the photo.

I don’t believe this is fake.

Tha aliasing is because the whole image is scaled without sampling. So the aliasing is everywere in the photo if you look carefully.

If you look at the green pole you see specular highlights, those are probably due to the camera-flash. The flash is probably also what’s causing the sign to be very white and red. (color artifacts are also very common with digital cameras)

I take my comments back ITS A FAKE!!! Got one of my relatives who just happens to live in Malta to take a picture from the same angle:

good job on the same angle btw :P… But it would be smarter to just search for the original picture :smiley: (hey)

(I host it now). I don’t know who the bad photographer was and who dumped those ugly concreteblocks (not to speak about the house :slight_smile: )bye, BackiZ

I thought this was interesting:

It’s the version that hasn’t been resized.

And Backiz, you don’t fool me, yours is fake! :x

I should work for the FBI! :smiley:

Anyway, in conclusion, I say that the image with the sign is real.

Why does there appear to be a huge joint on the ground? :wink:

because you need glasses, and need to get out into nature more “there are things called “sticks” in nature”

Alltaken :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

And what are these “sticks” you speak of? I’ve never heard of those before!