Is this node-based rim lighting, or just lights?

If you look at the closeups on this page:
You will see that almost all objects have this beautiful white rim around them.

I spent an evening researching how to remake that effect, and three solutions came close:

  1. Toon Shader Tutorial - Part 6 - How to Get Perfect Rim Lights (Blender 2.8/EEVEE)
  2. Rim lighting setup
  3. NPR Rim Light help

The third one being the closest, but it’s still far from the quality in the artworks.

I was wondering if anybody knew how to make this happen?

Actually, it looks like it’s using emission and fresnel/facing. This was done very quickly, but gets a similar effect.

It is a similar effect to the solutions listed above, where the rim encircles the object instead of facing the light…