Is this possible baking one side transparent object?

Hi everyone, I’m a newbie about baking textures. I’m working on a model and in this model, I’m trying to use a one-side transparent object with emission BDSF. Is this possible to bake this object? How can I handle this issue?

Left emitted, right transparent side


Uhh, not really. What’s your goal? Like, why do you want to bake? Where are you rendering (Blender, game, etc)?

First, just curiosity. Secondly, also I’m thinking maybe I can upload this model to Sketchup.

As a general rule, materials can’t be shared between different rendering engines. And faces don’t really have two different sides, they’re all one thing, with a normal that points in a particular direction-- that is to say, a thin mesh isn’t going to have different UVs for each side, or different materials for each side, or different vertex colors or anything else for each side.

Behavior for front-faces and back-faces is material-dependent, meaning it’s going to vary from rendering engine to rendering engine. Sketchup may have some tools to do what you want, I don’t know, but whatever the tools are, they’re not going to be texture-based.

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I see. Thank you, man. I’m not in need of that object in this situation. I’m deleting this object for upload and my all problem it’s solved. :slight_smile: Thanks again for your detailed explanation.