is this possible to do ?


Scenario :
i have multiple object 3 Plane overlapping each other with modifier ( ex. solidify )
now i want to Duplicate Link one Plane im interested to modify and

i grab it out of place overlapping planes so i can see what im doing and
as i edit
example extrude … move rotate etc… the cloned Link Plane ( Modifier Off )
i will see the original is changing too but modifier is turned on ( eye )

summary :
Plane 1 ( modifier On )
Duplicate Link Clone Plane 1 ( modifier off )

Not sure I understand the question - but anytime you create a “Linked or Clone” copy and then modify it that is the expected behavior, just create a duplicate. “ALT-D” = “Linked or Clone” ____ “SHIFT-D” = “duplicate”.

Hi try this create a cube … duplicate link now we have 2 object i scene
then add modifier to the original ex. Subdivide the duplicate link is gone

what i mean is that

i want the original has Modifier while the clone doesnt have so when im modeling i can see what is happening

its helpful especially function Subdivide or Solidify ( multiple planes overlapping with different setting )
im still new to 3D modelling im just curious if this function exist

No, it’s not possible. If linked duplicates have modifiers on them, they won’t “see” updates to real geometry until you exit edit mode.

Hello, i guess that you’re looking for a tool like in 3ds Max called Clone Options shown in this link (jump to the 20th minute):

I was looking for this option too, in order to follow the modeling technique shown in this video,but within blender.