Is this possible?

Is it possible to make it so I can have a game model retain its rig, but the actions are played through geometry nodes or something else which bypasses the supposed skinning that kills the frame rate. Someone on Youtube did that, and he spawned in 120 characters and yet the frame rate was still at 60FPS. This could also help for large objects like ships, rockets, trees, etc.

Im talking about Blender 3.0 and this:

This would involve Armatures and Geometry Nodes, completely bypassing the modifier which kills the frame rate, and allows for a smooth, stable FPS.

Sorry that Im not so good at explaining this, but when UPBGE was changed to 0.3, they kind of borked the way rigs (armature modifiers) work with the GE. They still work, but really kill the frame rate which is dreadful.


  • I assume you’re referring to the geometry node, Object Info option called As Instance.

Video Demostration

  • Enabling the option gives about a 5fps framerate for me.

As Instance - Disabled

As Instance - Enabled

Please Note

  • I get 31fps with the option enabled (24fps w/ option disabled) without my screen recording.

Scene Statistics

  • Scene instance count: 256.
  • Scene vertices count: 6,464,256 (original character 25,251 vertices * 256 instances).


UPBGE_03_Geonodes_w_Animations.blend (1.9 MB)