Is this the sea, or is it the moon?

Started as a landscape experiment, but ended up turning into an oceanscape. (Artistic licence)

Have I got the right idea?

Part of a large world, very unfinished as yet…

Please add your comments, I need the feedback.

Thanks, Sonix.

I’m not sure what is going on there, but I don’t think that a moon reflecting in water should curve like that.

I know it’s curved, I couldn’t stop it, it might be because of the location of the Empty for the Env Map.

It’s located between the camera and the moon it this image.



the water is nice, and wave effects is good.

The Empty should not be placed where you say you placed it.

It must be on the Line passing through the camera and perpendicular to the Mirror plane (even if bumped) and at a distance from the plane equal to the distance of the camera from that same plane, but on the other side. Axis Y pointing to the plane.

This should solve.

If I may I would like to criticize the moon:

1st - Its texture is wrong. You can see on moon’s top those lines stretching? You solve this by using ‘Sphere’ Mapping for the texture.

2nd - Moon looks oval, not spherical

3rd - Moon is too dull gray, and, even worse, its reflection in water is brighter than moon itself :o

Keep it up!


Thankyou all for the excellent feedback, have taken all into consideration and have hopefully improved.

Check this thread

for the latest attempt, you can still view the image in this topic by following the link in the top post.