Is this web hosting offer good?

Well, i found this host in my country.
It offers unlimited bandwith, 100 mb of space, ftp, php, perl, 15 mailboxes, mysql and other stuff. The price is 54 (euro) for a year.
It has “a good reputation” in terms of traffic problems, support, and it is stable…
What do you think about this? Is 100 mb good for starting?

for 120€ / year i have
a domain. +subdomains
1200Mail adress with spam filters.
15 MySQL Databases
php, ftp, etc…
good services, almost no downtime, unlimited speed (i got 1Mo/s with the university connection)

  • Free technical support 24/7
    subdomains redirecting ( goes to your machine)
    Perl, Wap support, rm/asx straming.

And because it’s nearly christmass : 60€ for the first year.


Sounds good, but depends how much you’ll use it. I’ve got a shyper account, which is free, gives me 150mb space, 3gb month bandwidth, no adverts whatsoever on my site, ftp access, all the sql stuff, email addresses etc and more, check out the free package . Also I have a free .tk domain from

For $9.- a month I have hosting with:

3000 MB memory
60 GB traffic
500 POP3 email adresses
and so forth.

Not the cheapest exactly but great service. I’ve been with them for about 4 years and have them hosting about 10 sites now (not all my own). And of course sometimes there’s an issue but they have a 24/7 chat support system that really works well.

btw: I wouldn’t trust the unlimited bandwith claim. bandwith is how much data can be accessed simultaneously… it’s traffic that you want to know about. And anything unlimited is not true.

Thanks for the replies!
For the bandwith, i put the wrong word., it was that thing that when you finish it they put your site offfline until the next months. As sometimes happens to mudpuddle. I think that is very bad thing!
The only thing that i don’t like is the amount of space… but maybe for a little starting site is enough… thanks again. Still a little search and i will make a choice. I need a little litlle site…