Is Vertex Animation Cache implemented in Blender ?


I’m wondering is there something like Vertex Animation Cache in Blender ?

Right now I’m using Maya with viewport 2.0 with cache enabled, running animation is near-real time in the viewport, it’s kinda like playblasting but you get that result in the viewport. Basically it caches vertex data, to allow fast playback and scrubbing.

Check this video to see what I mean:

Does anyone know any developer working on a similar thing , or any similar progress to speed up viewport realtime interaction ? Moreover is there crowd funded projects for that purpose to participate in ?


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You mean something like this: ?

A mesh cache modifier is being worked on right now.

It has been committed to the trunk, if you want to use it, download a nightly build from

I think you would get the same effect if you go to the timeline window --> playback --> frame dropping
I THINK :stuck_out_tongue:

From what the OP says, I think he is wanting the computed vertex movements to be cached automatically (when specified) so that a higher framerate can be obtained. As rigs and all of that require cpu computation first before being sent to the gpu to be rendered.

This, is not currently avaliable in blender… Hopefully the mesh cache deformer lays the framework for this to be possible in the future?

Well, that looks pretty neat. Do you have to add it as a modifier for each object you want cached?

@kettlefish i don’t think so. Just export everything you want to cache to a mdd file and reference that in the modifier. It’s not automatic but well better than nothing.

just checked it. You have to join the objects before exporting. Not the best way though. But you could write a simple script that exports all selected objects and creates the modifiers. That would probably only need a few lines of code.

So would this new modifier when applied allow 24fps playback on the viewport using production-quality rigs ?

What this modifier allows is bake out the animation of the rigs for faster playback. As in, after animation has been finished, this would be useful for lighting / rendering.

But in order to make it work, I would need to export an mdd, then import it to a new character (without keyframes) that doesn’t work well compared to Maya’s Vertex Animation Cache, because it does the baking on the fly.

Maybe we should better put our hopes in Alembic, it might work better as a framework for automatic viewport caching than the mesh cache modifier.