Is your job 3D-related ? Tell us about it !

I really want to know what do all of you wonderful people of BlenderArtists do for a living, especially if has something to do with 3D :slight_smile:

I make Television news stories and sometimes illustrate them with graphics that i create in Blender… because I can, not because I have to. I guess my stories wouldn’t look as nice but sometimes i find that I have to fix a picture or add some value to an image, Blender is great for this! check out my Youtube channel in the sig below for some examples :wink:

I work in a post production studio. I make new commercials and adapt the old ones. Besides 8 hrs at work i freelance too.

I work in the 3rd dimension. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, I’m a video producer at a small web video marketing company and I use After Effects mainly but we have used Blender before to make a virtual set.

I model and sell 3d models at the Unity Assets Store and the Gamedev Marketplace.

I use Blender and 3DS Max

Work as a CAD designer using Solidworks as the main tool. More technical oriented than product design and look.
Have worked some with 3D renderings in the past, but not Blender.
Blender is only on a hobby basis, and I have no ambitions to take it or any other rendering systems any further.

I work as a CGI Artist in the agricultural sector.
Work mostly with Blender. It also happens that I use Premier Pro, After Effects, and Photshop.

Here are some of the animations I have been involved in: Created at work Created at work Private work