Islamic architecture

Cycles - 4.7k

Really beautiful. Very realistic textures and difficult to get such a nice composition and light in this kind of image I think.

Fantastic job. Well done. as swmo said, the lighting is what stands out to me. Some great contrast in this.

Well done! :slight_smile:

Beautiful image, the composition is really great - I love how the flag balances the light patch on the ground. The textures look amazing. Five stars!

Great job!

beautiful image.smaller elements of building could show aging(few elements missing,broken).

I like it , where are you?ِdo you live in Islamic country ?

I love the realism and outlandish (at least for me) feeling of the photo. But wouldn’t it be better to have more realistically demolished wall on the left bottom corner if you are aiming for the demolish?

This is, indeed, a beautiful image. I would love to see your lighting setup. :slight_smile:

This is a beautiful image of a very beautiful style of architecture.

If you like create Islamic architecture i suggest you to see Isfahan architecture in Iran in that place is fantastic environment .
I live in Iran :slight_smile:

Thank you so much

Agreed, Isfahan is the most advanced classical architecture ever got. Also, check out La Alhambra, in Spain. It is an example of a much earlier islamic architecture that used the same method for domes, that later became the finer technique in Isfahan. Some great inspiration there!

This would indeed be a nice thing to model and render, notice the “taps”, they are present in all the arches, and even in the domes. A derivation from greek architecture perhaps:

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looks really good! especially the lighting and the texturing and the modelling and the composition and the…
gets my stars :slight_smile:

that is my city
We call it “city of god”

awesome job that is looks amazing

Outstanding work!

Fantastic work here.
Since I have been busy evicting a roomate, I probably wont have time to enter the competition. I dont think I could have done anything this nice anyway…

WOW, nice job men, the textures looks awesomes.

beautiful lightning and texturing… and great compostion… the stairs are almost blown out though, but that is nitpicky, the whole works great!

Wow nice. This will probably win the Blenderguru contest (maybe because its in the gallery-or at the top of the page)

I’d position the camera lower to the ground, right now it looks like it was a photograph taken on a ladder. Other than that looks great! :slight_smile: