Island House

Hello everyone, I wanted to share my latest personal project I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks.

Made with Blender and rendered in Cycles. 2000 samples for exteriors and 4000 for interiors.

Making of article:

You can find more images here:


I know how the artists wasting times on this kind of huge projects. It so huge amazing! More infos and plus behind the scene would be good if possible. Feature it @bartv! :wink:


And yeah, i dont know why CGI artists from Poland are professionals so far?! :grin::smiley:

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@odil24 Thank you, I really appreciate it! Let me know what questions you have regarding this project. I don’t want to write an essay on every aspect of it :sweat_smile:

I’m also going to upload a breakdown of some of the images to show the progress (probably next week).

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@Scoped, moreover I can’t replicate this like environment using The Grove 3d or Botaniq for example. What is your OS, CPU,GPU,RAM for this kind of instances? what is your light setups? And how did you do that like sunny environment/hdr?

Not everything was made using The Grove. I made a couple of trees and small shrubs (beach naupaka) and manually distributed them where I want. Palm trees on the other hand are from Maxtree.
I’m on Windows 10, i5 8400, GTX 1070 and 16GB of RAM. I feel like it’s an absolute minimum for similar scenes.

For lighting, It’s been mostly HDRI images with one exception for the first render and the house shot. I used a JPG environment texture instead with a sunlamp. Pretty simple stuff.

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How did go about scene management? I gather you would have had to change a lot of things around for each render?

Most stuff stayed the same for the majority of renders. I had all object categories in their respective collections (different plant species, rocks etc) so it was basically a matter of clicking what’s important or not or disabling some particle systems when they weren’t needed.


Amazing work! i´ve been doing archviz with other software for 10 years now and i´m barely scratching the surface of blender learning the basics, it makes me very happy to see such quality of work can be done on blender with the proper talent, Great stuff Scoped!


@Scoped, there are a lot of MEMORY HUNGRY objects. Are you used OIDN denoise node?

@nektares Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! Blender is definitely a great tool to learn and considering how many tools are being added to it, it’s surely worth to learn. Though I’ve been missing some features that e.g. Corona has like realistic acoustics or being able to use ocean modifier as a node in shader editor for possibly seamless infinite displacement map that can be used as a bump. But I’m pretty sure it will be added along the way. Good luck with your learning!

@odil24 I didn’t really need to. Mostly the good old denoiser worked just fine though I used the AI one for areas that the old one couldn’t help with.


I can’t even fathom how so much can be done in a couple of weeks.
Waiting to see how it was made too.

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MashaALLAH Amazing Renders.
The lighting you do is just great. Especially the interior ones. I am a big fan of your GOLDEN CAVE Project.
As always I am going to bug you with some questions hope you don’t mind answering :slight_smile:

  1. Is the lighting setup same as “Golden Caves” for the interior?
  2. Please explain your Exterior House Lighting (4th pic). (Generally exterior renders by HDRI gives faded look)
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@eelh Thank you so much, Kate! I think it could’ve been faster but I really like to take my time with personal projects to polish everything and even after publishing I feel like there’s so much I could improve but I just don’t want to waste any more time. (BTW I just changed the house render because I thought the original one had too much glare which looked a bit cheap to me).

@Faseeh Thank you very much, I appreciate it! Now, to answer your questions:

  1. No, it’s something completely different. Here, I used a regular HDRI and some heavy post-processing to bring it to life. (Corona Image Editor and Photoshop).

  2. It’s not an HDRI. It was at first but I wanted a bit more control, so I used a JPG image from an HDRI which only contains color information and a sun lamp (around 5000K) which I stuck to the image with sun position add-on.
    I later combined HDRI sky into the image and of course had to render the house with transparent background to be able to merge those.
    BTW, if you want to add a sky in post, save your images as EXRs so you won’t get that ugly outline around your object that is always there when you export PNG files.


And here’s the progression video I promissed:


I’ve also made this for those interested:
House progression


I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

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Thanks a lot, Bart! Have a good one as well!


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Thank you so much!

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