Island Sunset

Hey, so this is going to be a logo animation of an Island in the sunset. One thing I need help with is getting a more solid white and gold reflection down the center of the image leading to the mountain. I want to draw as much attention to the mountain as I can. The background image by itself is not providing the needed reflection down the center because the mountain seems to be blocking it. Is there any other way of adding this reflection? Thanks!

Maybe you can use some image texture mapped to the reflection! I think that the same image texture that you used for the sky is fine! I liked the overhall look of the island, but if you add some color variation to the trees, will look a lot better!

Good work so far! :wink:

you tried to use Blender Ocean Simulation to the ocean? it can create procedural textures for the foam, typical of the oceans and also add a better result for the displace map. This will help you a LOT to achieve some very nice results! Give it a try! :wink:

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll give the reflection texture a try.