well… i had several unfinished works that ive been working on a while back and i desided to put them all togather and create an island scene… its like a moc up that will be built up over time… and yes yes i know that i need to fix the trees in the last render… btw tree’s werent done by me

im on a tight schedual with not much time to devote to blender so ill try to get this done as soon as i can lol


and the rest of the images… sorry i gota post 2x, cant upload to fileshack or any of those site due to restricted website acces… so i gota resort to uploading to…opps sorry lol


I like that tree!

i got a whole set of them, they were made by some one other then me a LOOOOONG while back, dont remmeber who made them or where i got them but they are awesome… like 100 poly’s everything else is texture

i desided to change the tree’s that i used in this and create a more “tropical theme” to the island
(progressing very slowly but will get there soon enough lol)

anywho, these trees are a LOT more high poly and boost the poly count on this island to like 1 mill so far lol… might have to reconsider and try another method…


I really like it to this stage, I hope that you’ll finish it. Looking forward for updates!

100 poly trees? Very nice! It would be cool if you made this into a game engine world.

this island was originialy intended for a video game and was an actual mock up that i desided to turn into a still image