Isolated beauty

I made this for my girlfriend and I tried to send her the message that she’s a beautiful flower among the fog.

Fully modeled and composited with Blender 3d. Little errors can be spotted in the leafs but I was more focused on the message.
It took around 2 hours to render at 200 samples the flower and only 75 samples the grass.
I managed the noise, very well I think, with the compositing nodes passing the DifInd, GlossInd & TransInd passes by a soften filter node.

The leafs were a problem at first but I managed it using just one plane with one texture, using the alpha channel to achieve the transparency and make it look like separate objects. This could be a very useful technic when you must save polys.

This was the only pass I rendered with the Internal renderer. This image, composited in the final scene, helps to drag the eye to the flower.

I hope you like this composition.
Feel free to ask anything at all. All the questions will be answered.
Good luck…



Your girlfriend should be proud. At least, I do really like this image. I really love how the background blends into the foreground, just beautiful.

Nice!!! Only thing I don’t like about it is, the glass is a bit too thin.

Wow, this is good! I should have thought of this! Materials all look good. I will agree that the glass is a little thin, but on first glance, I didn’t notice it. Good presentation.

I know about the glass but I have a question for all of you: Have you ever tried to achieve a good Mist Pass in a scene where you have a transparent glass? It just won’t render as required! Even if you set up the scene in two different layers.
In this example, the glass and the flower were in an isolated layer and the world film was set to Transparent. So we all expect that the glass part of the rendered image appears with reflections, refractions AND alpha channel so we can then compose the blurred and misted background. Well… wrong. We all know that glass shader won’t render alpha so the output of the render is with reflections, refractions and the unblurred and “unmisted” background impossible to compose.
This is a cap for you to understand:

So i got rid of the glass shader and used glossy, transparent and difuse shaders.
The flower pot has decent and realistic measures but because of the materials is that it looks so thin.
I hope I explained myself but thisone, as many others, are one of the obstacles we encounter in the way for become a better artists.
Cheers… Juan Ignacio

I love it man. your girlfriend is lucky.

Good job man! Looks great.