Isometric Building

Simple architecture scene, made in Blender rendered with Cycles!

More pictures:

I like this style - lends itself very well for infographics.

Simcity! Awesome work

yes it has a captivating simplicity - even if one can see that it was everything, but not easy :slight_smile:

Nice. Though why are there three entries/exits to the parking deck?

But this has better graphics than the 4…good work :slight_smile:

Very nice and clean I like it.

Cool orthographic :slight_smile:

It looks really nice! I love it :smiley:

Love this!

Very good. I like orthographic views !

Very inspirational! I get all kinds of ideas, just looking at it.

lovely.good choice of a handmade look.

Great! I liked the look of miniature.

Thank you all for the heart warming replies! It makes all my work worth something! :slight_smile: