Isometric buildings: City Island: Airport 2

Hi fellas!

A couple of days ago another city building game from Sparkling Society was released at Google Play and finally I can share some images with you. During the period of 3 months me and my team created over 150 isometric buildings, however lots of designs are redesigned versions of those from the previous game(City Island Airport).

I hope you’ll enjoy it and please leave a comment!


marvelous, simply outstanding :slight_smile: love it, great detail and sense of colour, looks realy cute.

That is storming.

Love this style)

I like the isometric style a lot. And your stuff just looks fantastic! :smiley:

OUTSTANDING!!! I love it!! Simply . . . outstanding! :cool:

Fantastic! I love the detail and use of color to really emphasise the form of the buildings.

Maybe a bit over-saturated for my taste though… :smiley:

Outstanding indeed.
Love it.
Some serious 3d artwork here.

Very impressive detail and style.
I love it.

SoOo slick! The proportions and colors are outstanding.

Woow, thank you guys! I really appreciate your comments!

uh oh the next trend after low poly hype ?
It looks good.

May i ask or see, how large the pictures where when you edited them i’m curious
As overhere it looks almost pixel art, but i’m sure it was once bigger.

Really nice work. I also watched your timelapse and was kind of disappointed that you did not include the rendering part :slight_smile:

Really a great work, congrats!


Looks awesome, great job. How detailed were the models and textures?

Cool Stuff !

Thanks to all of you!
Razorblade- the final renders were quite bigger, something about 1920x1920, since they could also be used in other media instead of game-only where they are 100px wide. I’ve been thinking for a long time to create some kind of pixel art imitation in blender, but I’ve never tried that actually yet. Definitely should take a look!

Juicyfruit- oh, I’m so sorry for that, but I’m quite sure that it wouldn’t be enough to show the rendering process, since I use mostly pre-made shaders and the whole video would look like appending, applying materials and hitting F12.
For the next videos I’ll try to keep in mind that people want to see the whole process.

GambitGamer- the textures are pretty generic, basically I used simple patterns for roofs and floors and added some variation with grungy textures. It’s a really fast and dirty way to create something, but it works when the final result will mainly be seen as a 100px wide image on phone or tablet screen. :slight_smile:

Great work! I love it.

Excellent work, but I think people should stop using the attachment system, it always makes the image look a lot worse than it actually is.

Well either that or come to the blender conference that I can ask you about your work in person :slight_smile: