Isometric Kitchen

Hello everyone. Finally here I present my kitchen, this 3D design is very important to me not only because it is the largest scene that I have made in terms of modeling, I modeled all the objects one by one, but also because it is the evidence that they do not exist limits for your personal development, 5 years ago due to health issues I lost my left arm, and although it has been a difficult process, I am here to tell all of you that the limitations are only mental, if I can design this with only one arm, you can do what you want. Thank you all for your support and more things are to come.

Blender 2.90. Cycles.


I love all the many details; makes this look more real (in a fantasy way) than many realistic renders. You also carried the style through to all those many items; well done! I expect a few roly-poly low poly characters to walk in any time.