Isometric render. Blender 2.79 + Cycles

Hi guys.
This is my first post in the forum and I begin by sharing my last practice.
Hope you like.


Really nice!
How did you set up the lights? And how did you separate the “cube” from the background?
(learning Blender, so I’m just curious to learn everything)

Hello and thank you for comment.
The lights simply are a HDRI. I rendered the cube without background and put it in post production.

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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Looking really nice, but the perspective of the environment doesn’t match the floor plan

What floor plan?


nice Work

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the angle of the floor (3d model) doesn’t match the environment map.

I love this scene, Only point of critique I can think of is the thickness of the floor and walls. Decimate that and the room appears to be much bigger.

thanks for your advice

The environment floor doesn’t necessarily have to be flat

The angle is off, that’s all I’m saying.

Hey! Great to see you over here on Blender Artists!
I already sung it’s praises over on LinkedIn, but I will say it’s truly a fantastic render and well deserving of the Featured status!

Thank you so much!

Could that be used in the game engine? I guess. Not sure it could look exactly like that.

Nice scene.

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If the Sims had a realistic art style . . .
Very beautiful work :slight_smile:

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Awesome room render cool stuff.

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