Isometric Room ~ Garage

BMW M3 E30
Classic American garage made in Blender 3.1
Composited in Photoshop CC
Time taken : 2 Days


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Thank You Bart!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Nice little scene, but I’ve got some nitpicks:

  • It’s not an isometric scene, the camera is set to perspective
  • a lot of those tools aren’t tools you would use on a car, particularly the pipe wrench
  • what is being done to this car? Topping off the brake rotor fluid with some gasoline?
  • haphazard jack placement
  • The garage door is inside out

I really like the wear on the door frame and the tiles on the stairs. again, it’s a nice little scene, and a great result for 2 days work!

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Damn, you’ve got a great eye :joy:
The scene was based off of an american garage and I am not an American so really I had to just base everything off of a few reference images and from what I’ve seen in Movies or Games.
I’ve never even removed a tire off of a car so I’m not very well versed in the mechanic field lol.
But yeah, I do love cars too much :relaxed:
And the Isometric room thing, I saw a few Isometric rooms on Google and YT tuts that weren’t exactly in the orthographic mode and the perspective mode feels realistic , so I just called it a day.
It does contradict the name “isometric”, but who cares when it’s art right?
Thank you for the points yo!
I shall see that I get the context of the scene right next time :slight_smile:
Appreciate it. If possible, could you do the same for my other rooms too if you spot any mistakes?
Thank you

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Lovely scene, but there’s some visible small details that are making this image a little bit off:

  • if it is an american garage, why the plates are from EU? (particulary from Great Britain? If it would be from GB, then the steer wheel should bo on the right side)
  • that engine on shelf would be too heavy to put so high and it would break the shelf

Good eye you’ve got there mate, I’m not American so I wouldn’t know this😂
I just put everything I could together in 2 days.
Thanks for the review! :slight_smile: