Isometric... What it is, and what it isn't


Every time I check in, I am admiring someone’s artwork of an ‘isometric room’. They’re all lovely. I haven’t done one yet, but I really should.

But as a traditionally taught draughtsman and illustrator I am slightly triggered by the fact that more often than not, the rooms aren’t actually isometric. Some might look similar to isometric, but they’re not. (To be fair, some are proper isometric.)

Anyway, in the spirit of helping other artists who might think they’re doing something when they’re actually doing something different, here’s my quick guide to the pictoral drawing methods collectively known as ‘axonometric projections’.

There’s also a dead easy set-up for 3D cameras. I’m not saying I’ve invented something no-one else has ever done, but I’ve never seen anyone else set up an isometric camera without resorting to looking up or calculating the specific angles. A few clicks and you’re done.