I would to try to create a little Game in Isometric 3D (fake) with blender.
So I would like to know if someone know how to do those things :

  • to create a movement (walk) of a character with the left or right mouse Button. When I click on the screen, my character goes to the place where (on which) I clicked with my mouse
  • is there a way to not have any movemnt (general movement damping rotation damping) has a collision (with a tree or a rock for example).
    I have give to my “character” (which is in the picture the gray cube) : - damp 1.0 // rotdamp : 1.0, but I have always a damping movement.To have the isometric game, i use an orthogonal camera.

Thank you for your answer.

I know this doesn’t answer your questions, but just so you know, you can set up a true isometric camera with Python. I found the code in the API reference. Here it is:

        import GameLogic
        def Scale(matrix, size):
                for y in range(4):
                        for x in range(4):
                                matrix[y][x] = matrix[y][x] * size[y]
                return matrix        

        # Generate an isometric projection matrix
        def Isometric(cam):
                return Scale([[0.707, 0.0  , 0.707, 0.0],
                              [0.408, 0.816,-0.408, 0.0],
                              [0.0  , 0.0  , 0.0  , 0.0],
                              [0.0  , 0.0  , 0.0  , 1.0]],
                              [1.0/cam.scaling[0], 1.0/cam.scaling[1], 1.0/cam.scaling[2], 1.0])
        co = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
        cam = co.getOwner()

Attach the Python controller that calls the script to the camera for it to work properly.

Thank You Blendenzo :smiley:
I will try your python code.

In fact, I can make other thing than an isometric camera. I would like to use pre-rendering picture for the background of one my game (and use perhap’s the camera mapping technique).
I create some invisible mesh with “collision” properties for the physic -collision.
This picture is the first test which use this technique. It’s a screenshot taked in the game engine (the character is just a test for the game):

The background is a rendering picture I have made :slight_smile: