ISSA(Interactive Skeletal System Animation)

Hello BlenderArtists,

I’m currently developing (or trying to develop) an Interactive 3D Skeleton. Interactive being that the skeleton accepts mouse inputs such as mouse-over and mouse-clicks. Mouse-over inputs highlights a specific skeleton part then show a little text label regarding that part and when the user clicks over a skeleton part the part is scaled and zoomed-in and singled out of the rest of the skeleton so it could have space to show the description about that part.
I also want to implement a limited rotation scheme, wherein the user can’t rotate it upwards or downwards but can only rotate it sideways.
This is a school project of mine for finals, it is specifically developed for high school students in our university as online e-learning material.
I know this is pretty basic for most of the guys here, but I’m just a beginner and really would appreciate your understanding.
I’ve been asking around the campus and relatives with knowledge about this but the reactions were mixed, some say learn OpenGL, some Ogre3d and some Python. Which would I choose? I don’t know. Do I have to? I don’t know as well.
This has been going on for a week now and I’m pretty lost.
That’s why am asking here for solid advice, I really need a direction or a place to start because as of right now I am confused on where to start.
Attached is the basis of what I want to achieve with the mouse-over input. I got the skeleton model from

I’ll upload it afterwards the net here is killing me.

Thank you very much.