issue during the model


sudenly in my file when i add new geometry, the new one are invisible: for example i add a plain, i can see him in the outliner but in vieport i see only the axis. i try to snap hi to the cursor with shft - s but it seems invisible…

is it a bug or i pressed something???

thans a lot

Don’t know for sure, but here’s a clue : you may have deleted all vertices in edit mode, and your plane still exists in object mode, visible in the outliner. Or you may have hit your “H” key while all vertices selected, still in edit mode… And explore your "display tab in the properties panel, under “object”

H = “Hide”. Alt-H to unhide or reveal all hidden (if that’s the problem).

i try but is the second time that this happend and it is a big issue. in my scene i have a lot of geometry with texture and the solution has been to append all object texture and armature in a new file…mistery

the problem is that every geometry i add, the new one is invisible. any object: camera, empty,armature, curves…maybe this is a global function