Issue lighting render different from v2.69 to 2.70-2.71

I’m working with blender 2.69 on ubuntu 14.04, as the v2.70/1 are often crashing on m y computer. When I render an interior scene, I get an overexposed result with the 2.7 compared to the 2.69, with exactly the same settings. Also, I use an online service to render, and I get a different result yet, more mat this time, whereas it’s using the v2.69. I tried without compositing, or changing the environment lighting, but the problem still remain. Any ideas what can be the sources of these differences ? Also I’m not satisfied with the lighting yet, any advice is welcome.

Thank you for having taken your time to read and look at my message.

The overexposed picture with the 2.71 was coming from the clamp. I forgot to check this setting. With the add of the indirect clamp, values were down at 0 for clamp when I open my file in the 2.7. I still have issues with the 2.7 versions(2,72 Rc include), it takes to render litteraly 2h instead of 5min on the 2,69. I mad test on another computer with win7 which doesn’t have crash problems, and I get the same problem. It’s another topic, but if someone have an idea, it would be appreciate.