Issue when parenting rig and model

Hi so I’ve been following this tutorial for rigging a character model I made. I got the armature working for the most part but when I added inverse kinematics to the arms, legs, ears, and tail it changes the position and rotation of the bones but only in pose mode and edit mode. at first I went through and changed all the positions so that the armature was in line with the model again (before I parented) but but then when I copied the left side of the armature over to the right side. the right side was twisted again in edit and pose mode but not object mode… so I went through and turned those too. and then I parented the rig with the model and… his appendages were all twisted. It seems like it took the information I did in pose mode before they were paired and applied it but I don’t know how to clear the changes I made in pose mode and even if I could I’m assuming the bones would be in the wrong location again… I guess if anyone knows what I should do about this I’d appreciate any help. I’ll add two images below showing the difference between object mode and edit mode (the leg is pretty much all that’s twisted here I think I may have done too much to the arm to go back with ctrl+z so it’s still partially edited


That tutorial covers the basics. On thing he forget to mention is the concept of Bone space. Bone always works from its own “Local”space. That way when you Clear Transform they all fall back to where it was placed to there local 0, 0, 0 and not to Global 0, 0, 0. So if you are not careful with orientating bone axis, strange things can happen.

Check how each bone axis are pointed in your rig by displaying axis. The check box is right next to X ray display. Do they all pointed in given direction consistently? If not select the chain of bones and do Armature > Bone Roll > Recalculate Roll.

Alright I think I get what you’re saying but I can’t find bone roll or recalculate roll anywhere in armature unless you’re using a different version that has a menu at the top called armature? I did check the axes though and they’re really messed up on the right side