Issue whlie Compositing layers from same exr multylayer file

I am having a problem rebuilding frames from .xrf multiplayer frames in the compositor. Each image has two render layers, a background and a foreground. The foreground has rendered with a transparent background masked with the actual background.
I have added two image input nodes in the compositor and selected one of the layers on each. If I add a Alpha Over node and connect both composites into it I got the result I expected, the composite of both layers.
The issue start when I perform some compositing on the foreground layer before plugging it into the Alpha Over node. In that case, from the alphaover node I can see only one of the layers, with all compositing applied, if I set the factor to 0 or 1. If the factor is set between 0 and 1 I get a composite with intermediate transparency.
Please anyone assist in solving this issue.

Please rather than relying on people having to decipher what you are talking about, show us with annotated screenshots and supply a demo blend file with all relevant data included that clearly demonstrates the problem.

Thanks Richard,
I have attached picture. The file has not uploading.
The issue is to get a composite out of the AlphaOver node.
As I mentioned, if do not make any compositing, the AlphaOver note works as expected, otherwise I got either the foreground or the background only.


Solved by plugging the alpha pass to the alpha over node factor input

Yup … dunno why they decided to call it, “factor.”

Yep, but when using these the first time one misses the obvious

A: (slap!) “D’oh!”

Q: “Why do CG artists (and computer programmers) have flat foreheads?”


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