issue with bevel

Hi guys,
I found some issue with beveling edges. Look at image I think the issue is quite obvious.
I would expect that the result will be uniform. Now it is pretty squeezed.
Is there any setting to avoid it, or should I report it as bug.
Blender 2.68 r58368

I’ll be the first to admit that the bevel tool is a bit squiffy sometimes. But I think in this instance the order that you do the bevel has a big effect on the result?? If you do the corner first and the whole perimeter last, you get what I would expect and vice versa …


I agree with you, partialy. But sometimes, and i think more often, you want to bevel after some modelling, so you dont want to loose your progress because of bad implementation of bevel.

I would like to kindly ask developers to fix beheaving of bevel. If there will be any ambition to do it Im ready to provide additional information, eventually sponsor it a bit :slight_smile:

Feel free to comment and post your opinions, thanks