Issue with cloth, falling off awning

So my cloth awning falls off the awning. I understand exactly why it does this, but I want the cloth to stay where it is but be rippled. If it was completely flat it would look so fake. I want to give it a little bumps and all so it looks like cloth. I am assuming I would disable the gravity so it doesn’t move, but want to do to make it not flat and usable for a town? Thanks

Have you tried pinning the vertices that attach to the wall using a vertex group? I think this would attach it and still allow you to have the cloth deformations.

I was messing around the other day and came across the pinning option in cloth settings. Maybe play with that to keep your cloth from falling off.

Can you explain how I can do that? Also is it possible to get a cloth look without using animation? Just use it as a model already textured and not flat? Thanks

I’m sure there are better ways to do it ,but here’s what I’d do if your just wanting a object to look like cloth with no animation.
Add a cube and sculpt wrinkles, bumps, and what not on top.Add a plane above your cube with cloth physics enabled. Play the animation, then apply the cloth under modifiers tab. Place your cloth on your awning and your done.

Thanks I’ll give it a try.

I got the texture right, but when I try to move it, it resets it to a flat plane. I tried adding it to a group but it still doesn’t work. Any idea how I can keep it on the animation step that I stop on? Thanks

I told you in the post before ,but you might have missed it. Gotta go to modifiers tab and click apply on the cloth one.

Sorry I did miss that part, just tried it and it works! Thanks so much