Issue with IK kinematics :/

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Hello guys!
I have made one low poly model of wolf. But when i start making rigging - my bones just… they are really moves like crazy :// Can anyone help me? Link on my drive google… Help please :smiley: I’m Newbie at blender rigging :slight_smile:

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The control bone is parented to the bone it controls, and it creates a dependency cycle. Remove the parenting


wolf_low_poly_124.blend (144 KB)

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Oh,got it) But, can i ask you? How can i make really good rigging? Now i have back legs bones are not good with IK. Theydo not bend correctly at the knee. How can i fix it? I want that they bend forward
At forward leg i have problem when i move IK bone among Z Axis, It’s moves other bone a little bit wrong. I want it moves like straight among Y axis - when it moves a little bit in X axis…
With back legs - it’s bends in wrong dirrection i want it bend forwad like human legs :smiley:


wolf_low_poly_123.blend (606 KB)

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Hello? Are you there?

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Sure can, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to answer your questions even with the file, or that it would have to be me who answers.

What makes the answering difficult is that there is so much to it, even with a simple example:

  • Object rotations are unapplied in both the mesh and armature type objects. ctrl+A to apply
  • Objects and bones aren’t named properly
  • Bones aren’t parented to the body/root
  • Bone rolls aren’t consistent in a chain
  • Check an anatomy reference to get the bone proportions, locations, and angles in the right ballpark
  • You could use Inverse Kinematics panel options in bone properties to lock and limit the IK solver

And then it might make more sense even with a simple IK setup and limiting the IK chain to 3 bones
wolf_low_poly_125.blend (144 KB)

Would take me a long time to illustrate all of those properly, so I just skip that part. You likely need to watch tutorials about rigging anyway. Humane Rigging DVD is one resource.