issue with Plug-ins,please help

:ba: arrrgh. I have full python mscw but no matter how i try I cant get the plugins to work.the error message is a string of [var1 not found…] and in the debug window it says that the plug in path doesnt exist. I have all the plugins fresh, I have the Kia patch of blender can get all of my scripts to work but my plugins are 50/50. Im tranfering the plugins into thier respective folders but they dont work.
please help
im using windows XP
and i am pointing the files selector
to the right plugin folders but still nothing

Ahh, the bug returns.
The plugin problem was fixed & all plugins should work with the official release.
The problem must be with Kai’s build.
btw, Kai’s build rocks otherwise!

yes it rules but this plugins issue also happens in 2.48 also,its a file problem. but this time i copied the warniing
1.afc: because blender.exe not found.Reinstalling mayfix.“but i have done this”
2.error: no plugin [path to plugin] the Python window: var1[path to plugin],var2[path to plugin],var3:the specified module could not be found

Which plugin are you using?
I have rediscovered this error with some plugins again.
Mainly older ones.
Most plugins are working in 2.48/a.
This error was properly reported & fixed.
My test of texture plugins: 30 plugins, 3 errors.