Issue with Segmented Bone Deformation

I’ve got a spine which twists awkwardly for whatever reason. When the model leans to the left, there is no problem. To the right, and it corkscrews. Pictured below.

I’d learned that reducing the Ease In/Out should solve this problem, but it has not in this case. I’ve also recalculated the angle, and after lots of fudging and tweaking, I’m at a frustrating loss.

Would appreciate any expert advice on this one. Thanks much.


I am puzzled. Your image shows that spine is not bending at all when shoulder turns left and right, its straight along the back.

Select Armature in Object mode, hot key [Ctrl][A], select “Rotation and Scale”.

Check segmented (Curved) bone axis with respect to bones attached to its end and root. Those axis needs to point in the same direction.

So, I’m not sure what I’d done wrong, but since posting, I had deleted the spine and replaced it with three joined bones. Having read your reply, I went back in and stuck the segmented bone back in place, and everything seems to work fine, if needing some vertex weight adjustments.

Not sure why I didn’t just try that from the start.

Thanks, ridix!