Issue with Symmetrize

Hey guys, I’m not able to symmetrize the head of this dinosaur with any of my methods and wish to ask for advice or suggestions on how I can go about it.

Initially I split the head and neck from the center and started making my changes to it. When I finished, I tried arranging its origin back to the 3d cursor and tried rotating it to look symmetrical (I don’t see the blue vertical axis so everything was by estimate). I tried going into edit mode and using snap to symmetry, but it failed. I tried the symmetry function and the symmetrical other half would be created away from the selected half, which meant having to join them together by snapping their vertices and adjusting the rotation to match it right. I tried it several times but my results have so far shown to be lopsided and not at all what I set out to create. I wondering now if there are addons or any other alternate means to getting this done. I use Blender 2.79 so I’m not aware of any remedy Blender 8.0 may offer.

Retrorex.blend (668.3 KB)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It can’t be symmetrical because he is skewed. You have to Apply the rotation and move the origin to the center.

A couple of things you may have missed.

To change the origin:

Snap the 3D cursor to some location (preferably the mirror plane between the two halves)

 Shift s, cursor to selected

Move the origin to the 3d cursor

 Object Menu, Origin, Set Origin to 3D cursor

To mirror the object:

I think its very common to use the Mirror Modifier, once the origin is set.  If you set the                      
origin to the most positive X direction point on the model and "Use Clipping" in the 
mirror modifier you may be able to get it fixed in a relatively short amount of time.  "Use 
Clipping" stops the translation of the element at the origin in (this case) the x axis.

I figures out that straightening the outer boundary edge and than using the symmetry function while having the origin to 3d cursor and being in front perspective is all that was needed to remedy this problem.

Regardless problem solved.