Issue with texturing?

Hi there,

Currently I am working on an aircraft model and it is still very much a work in progress. I will need to add a whole lot more of details and tweak everything so it resembles the real aircraft as close a possible. Now this aircraft in particular is quite a challenge for me, especially since this is my first real blender project (other then some try outs and following tutorials).

I modeled the cockpit shape but kind of merged it with the rest of the fuselage, but now I wonder, does this high-poly cockpit will give me any problems when I want to apply textures?

If so I could stop tweaking the details and start building the cockpit part from scratch again.

I would suggest to use fewer faces and the Subdivision Surface modifier. This modifier together with appropriate edges marked as Crease is a powerful tool for aircraft modeling.
The less faces for UV unwrapping, the better.