Issue with topology

Hello everybody! I would like to ask you how to correct these moments, and what do they affect?

Normal Flip doesn’t help.

hello, could you please share this part of your object?

Also, i want to create a good topology for sculpt, but idk how i can do it :frowning:

you have overlapping vertices here, you can fix it with Alt M > Merge by Distance. Also you have a split normals problem, probably because you’ve imported the object as fbx or other, so clear the split normals:

As for sculpting it really depends on your goal, what is the object for? What do you want to sculpt? etc… Basically you can sculpt with Dyntopo activated, then create a low-poly version and bake the normals of all the sculpted details of your high-poly

Thank u for a answer! I will try it solution!)

I imported like a OBJ.

I created textures for a game. It’s not mine model. I wanna create sculpting-ready model, for creating details on high-poly.
But this model very broken, and idk how to fix it. I searched info in the internet, but didnt found. Maybe u can help me?

P.S. Sorry for my english)

broken in what way? I’m not familiar with games so I can’t tell a lot, but sure, for example there was this problem of overlapping vertices and split normals

Model has many problems with topology, for example: holes.

sure, for holes, use Alt M > Merge by Distance, not sure it will fix them all though

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