Issue with Volumetric Lighting (visible in preview)


I noticed that I had added a .03 Indirect Clamp to my render, which was eliminating all of my atmosphere.

I will continue to work on the shot and my understanding of rendering in Cycles, as I’m getting lots of fireflies in this one.

I would still appreciate any feedback!! The .blend file is attached below.

Hey all,

Trying to wrap my head around volumetrics in Blender, and I’ve run into an issue.

I should also say I an quite new to Blender, having only been digging into the software for about 1.5 months at this point.

Here is what I’m sort of riffing on (from Tree of Life):

Image of my camera preview:

And final render (cycles):

Any ideas? Let me know if I need to attach a .blend file or any other documentation.

You should ALWAYS supply a .blend file with any support question.

And BTW, you know that you can make a screenshot of your desktop by just pressing the combination of Windows and PrtScn keys? Windows will automatically save the captured images under Pictures > Screenshots. No need to actually make a photograph of your monitor…

asteroid_cyclesrender.blend (626 KB)

asteroid_cyclesrender.blend (626 KB)

Understood. And I’m aware of screenshots (original post updated).

asteroid_cyclesrender.blend (626 KB)

I’ve made a lot of progress, still working. Need to add more asteroids, dust, and possibly distant planets (which would be backlit and probably just look like more asteroids)

.blend file:

asteroid_cyclesrender.blend (751 KB)

Current render (opening and closing frames in a 23.98fps sequence):